Volatility and Skew

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020




Volatility and Skew












If you follow the financial markets, there’s no doubt you hear about volatility. Now here’s your opportunity to understand how it can impact your portfolio and how you can benefit when it changes. On Aug. 19, The Options Industry Council welcomes guest speaker Dan Passarelli, founder of Market Taker Mentoring, who will explain key concepts regarding volatility, including:

  • Historical volatility
  • Implied volatility
  • Vega
  • Volatility skew
  • Steepening skew and its effect on pricing

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4:30:00 PM ET


1 Hour



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Dan Passarelli

Dan Passarelli
Market Taker Mentoring


Dan Passarelli is an author, trader and former member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and CME Group. Dan has written two books on options trading — “Trading Option Greeks” and “The Market Taker’s Edge.” He is also the founder and CEO of Market Taker Mentoring, Inc., a leading options education firm that provides online options education, options newsletters and personalized, one-on-one coaching for option traders. The company website is http://www.markettaker.com.

Dan began his trading career on the floor of the CBOE as an equity options market maker. He also traded agricultural options and futures on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade (now part of CME Group).

In 2005 Dan joined CBOE’s Options Institute and began teaching both basic and advanced trading concepts to retail traders, brokers, institutional traders, financial planners and advisors, money managers, and market makers. In addition to his work with the CBOE, he has taught options strategies at the Options Industry Council (OIC), the International Securities Exchange (ISE), CME Group, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange and many leading options-based brokerage firms. Dan also contributes to financial media such as TheStreet.com, FOX Business News, Bloomberg Television, National Public Radio (NPR), and the CBOE blog. And he has a weekly featured video on CBOETV.